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This is the Swintrans website. We are one of the most important inland shipping transporters in Europe. Swintrans can provide you with total and qualitative special services which, in combination with our flexibility and superior fleet, always care for a suitable solution!


Solving your logistic problems as efficiently as possible, that is our mission.

Swintrans is specialized in transporting bulk substances, containers and lumps from the sea ports to the various Rhine-, Main-, Donau-, Neckar-, Moselle- and channel destinations.

Beside our transport activities we also facilitate the transhipment of several goods. For a number of shipping companies we dispose various container barges.


In the field of transports, acquisition, sale and guidance concerning ship’s construction Swintrans Chartering has an experience for years and years. Beside the founder: Dari B.V. there are two other shareholders, namely: A. Onassis B.V. and Bozkov B.V. All owners are specialists in the field of inland shipping. As a result of which quality is guaranteed and official methods are kept up in a correct way.

Quality systems

In recent times the inland shipping trade has to deal with heavy efforts regarding (new) laws- and regulations and safety- and environmental requirements. Swintrans is applying traditional comprehensive quality systems through which processes are controlled and registered systematically. This in order to provide you as a client with the right quality and our transporters with the proper safety.